Sequart reviews "A.D."

A.D., Publicity

Rob Clough, , in his “High-Low” column on, posted a review of A.D. back in May, before the publication of chapters 12 & 13, with Denise at the Convention Center. Clough, who’s always been kind to me in his criticism, characterizes A.D. as my “masterwork.” *Blush*

In addition, Digital Strips’ podcast round-up of this year’s Eisner Award webcomic nominees talks about A.D. a bit as an “overlooked” nominee. They also spend a good deal of time discussing the merits of

‘s Immortal. (Thanks to ol’

for alerting me to both these reviews.)

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  1. Yeah, I have to say that I was surprised when it wasn’t on the Eisner list. But that’ll make it that much sweeter when it’s on the “regular” list in ’09 or ’10. Which, speaking of, what year would the GN be considered for? If the winners are announced in San Diego, anything released after that year’s nomination list has to go to the following year, right?

    1. Heh-heh. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here!
      But, yeah, if A.D. were nominated for anything, it would be awarded the following year, so that would be San Diego 2010.

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