Star Wars Fan Casting Call


A chick I went to high school with is a casting director for commercials and the like, and she just posted an intriguing note on our alumni forum.

I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I thought there might be a slight chance that there is a some kind of crossover between comix readers and Star Wars fans, so I’m just putting this out there (for New York-area residents):

“Jenevieve over at About Face Models is looking for diehard fans of the Star Wars movies. She is looking for guys 18 and up, any ethnicity, but they MUST have a Star Wars costume! This is a commercial for Ebay and it is SAG so you should make pretty good money. (You don’t have to be in SAG to audition.) If interested, please email Jenevieve — — ASAP and tell her Nef Jones sent you.”

Come say hello to my little friends!

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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAfter some mix-ups with shipping, I finally received my X-mas gift from Sari, a set of curio cabinets for the small collection of toys, models, and action figures that I’ve acquired over the years. (Yes, like every other cartoonist on earth, I am at least part geek.)

So with a small amount of fanfare, I mounted one of the cabinets on the wall, and finally was able to create a home for (from top left. reading like a comic) Klinger, Hot Lips, Hawkeye, and B.J., Will Clark and Willie Mays; Boba Fett; Willie McCovey; Jack Clark; some cool Tintin chocolates; super-deformed Wolverine and Superman; the Giants Pontiac Firebird; Tintin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock; and Tintin, Snowy, and the Thompson Twins.

They all seem to be adjusting well to their new home.