Beastles: Let It Beast


The Beastles: Let It BeastBoston DJ and mashup-artiste Bob Cronin (a.k.a. “djBC”) has compiled his second CD of Beatles/Beastie Boys tunes, appropriately titled Let It Beast. (His first album, The Beastles, was written up in Rolling Stone, The Weekly Dig, The Metro Times and other places.) Anyway, I did the art for the cover. It’s sort of a “Brady Bunch”/Let It Be homage. Being a huge Beatles fan, I was thrilled to be commissioned to draw the Fab Four. Still, I never claimed to be much at likenesses, so don’t judge the results too harshly.

Check out the album here. I think you’ll agree that the songs are simultaneously keen and dope, groovy and slammin’. And then there’s the added edge of it all being slightly illegal and underground. Yeah!