Keyhole #1


The first issue of Josh Neufeld & Dean Haspiel’s two-man anthology, featuring the “Cave of Fear,” Billy Dogma, “American Dilemma,” “Cabbage Patch Man,” and the ongoing features “Waiting” and “Lionel’s Lament.”

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In Keyhole #1’s lead story, travelers Josh and Sari come upon the Thai “Cave of Fear.” Meanwhile, in Trip City, Billy Dogma is a philosophical vagabond who’s so confused that his guns shoot everything but bullets. In “American Dilemma,” Dean is concerned that he’s not heard back from Harvey Pekar about art samples. Also, learn why a man can’t wash dishes in “Cabbage Patch Man.” And that’s just the beginning of the full-length, quarterly version of the acclaimed mini-comic Keyhole.

Keyhole is one of the most solid indy anthologies out there…. An excellent and varied collection by two of comics hottest newcomers.”
— Joe Zabel, Indy magazine

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Millennium Publications

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