Keyhole #2


The second issue of Josh Neufeld & Dean Haspiel’s two-man anthology, featuring a Josh & Sari travel tale, Billy Dogma vs. the Human Barcode, the first “Titans of Finance,” regular installments of “Lionel’s Lament,” “Travel Tips,” “Waiting,” “Mrs. Banks” and plenty more.

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While traveling in Malaysia, Josh and Sari do some volunteer work on “Mr. Ong’s Organic Farm.” Meanwhile, anti-hero Billy Dogma needs milk for his girlfriend Jane Legit’s coffee. In the course of sticking up a deli for a quart, Billy encounters the awesome power of “The Human Barcode.” In another story, Dean searches for the ultimate baseball card in “The Left Hand of God.” Also, regular installments of “Lionel’s Lament,” “Travel Tips,” “Waiting,” “Mrs. Banks” and plenty more.

Keyhole is a rare component of the American comix scene, … reminiscent of magazines like Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor, and Spiegleman’s and Griffith’s fine underground anthology, Arcade…. Brought together in a single, independent magazine, [Neufeld & Haspiel’s] strong, disparate talents create a broad reading experience, and a blending of artistic intentions and personal expression like very few others available today in American comix”
— Scott Gilbert, The Comics Journal

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